Diane Noren
This piece was made without adding anything but stuffing and paint. She turned the piece at it's widest and top-stitched the body shapes and added stuffing from behind to form the fullness.
I lied - she did add the breast. BUT all she started with was the quilted piece of muslin.

Notice the shape of the muslin piece we provided her with.

With the same exact muslin/quilt batting shape this gal added fabric for clothes and added stuffing to make if fuller.

Here you can see how they added heads. This piece looks flatter because she hasn't added stuffing.

All 3 of these pieces were made with the same size and shape muslin/batting piece.
You can add arms and feet any way you want.

You do not need to add a backing. It is firm enough with the muslin with the sandwiched batting along with the added stuffing and clothing.

Betts Vidal didn't make people but just a head using the shape of the muslin/batting as a profile. Maybe you can see the shape easier on this piece.

You don't have to copy this shape but I want you to notice it.

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